Handmade Knives

Handmade knives by Darío Zampieri

In La Cumbre, Córdoba, Argentina

Hand crafted knives for barbecue, skinners, custom knives.
Stainless steel blades with heat treatment and rockwell hardness test, carbon steel sae 5160.
Brass cross and rivets, with rear hub for leather loop.
Wooden handle of: itin, quebracho colorado, retamo, guayubira, urunday, guayacan.
Handsewn leather sheaths.

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Handmade Knives
Handmade Knives

Darío Zampieri

Dario Zampieri began his career as a manufacturer of knives in 1980 from the hand of an old gunsmith. In those days they worked more than anything carbon steel in a forge or by roughing, nowadays with the quality of steels on the market, Spanish or Swedish stainless steel are used mostly, always respecting the heat treatment is which is essential in making a good knife. All knives are taken to a tempering laboratory in the city of Córdoba for heat treatment, tempering and Rokwell hardness test.

Business Gifts

Special works for businesses are conducted, including the option of making prints on the blades and sheaths.

Darío Zampieri
Darío Zampieri


All designs are unique (since all work starts with a steel plate from which the type of knife to make is designed), Lots of care is put into the craft as each piece must be functional taking into account the work for which it will serve, and must also have a delicate finish, aesthetically pleasing. In this way a unique quality is achieved, a fundamental characteristic of our work.


The handles are made ​​with Argentine native woods like guayacán from Salta, quebracho colorado, retamo, itin, and also imported woods such as ebony and other woods from south africa. The woods have a parking period to ensure durability. Staghorn is also used.

Quality & Exclusive Designs
Quality & Exclusive Designs<


The sheaths, hand made ​​and sewn, are made from the finest leathers, giving the best protection for the knife.

Functionality and aesthetics

Knives are primarily an object of practical functionality designed for continuous use and at the same time have harmonic lines, hardness and beauty combined as an art object. Our knives travel from the Cordoba hills to the whole of Argentina and the world, making us proud of providing customers with a unique piece.


Each piece is unique. Custom work is also made according to customer needs and preferences.

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